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BattleBit features a balanced arsenal of weapons: You can pickup assault rifles (ARs), sniper rifles (SRs), light machine guns (LMGs), pistols, sub-machine guns (SMGs), designated marksman rifles (DMRs), and shotguns.

All weapons are linked to specific factions. For example, guns such as the M4A1 and the M9 are exclusively available for the USA forces, whereas the AK-74 and MP-443 are solely for the Russian forces. Global weapons, however, are there as fall-back options for any factions, and can be used by anyone.

All guns have tiers and are available for certain classes (eg. LMGs are only for Support class, SRs for Recon, etc.)

Each weapons will have individualized stats such as: Damage (and fall-off), ammo count, weight, recoil, cost to unlock, max. points for customization, rate of fire, shooting modes, and more.

Only default guns and equipment will be available at the beginning of the round. Higher tier weapons will require points to unlock.

Gun mechanics[edit | edit source]

Reloading[edit | edit source]

All guns have two types of reload: Normal reload and combat reload.

Pressing the RELOAD key once will make your character perform a normal reload, in which he will unload the gun, put the old magazine into the pouch, and then insert new magazine into the weapon. This will allow you to use the old magazine, assuming that there are still bullets left in it.

Pressing the RELOAD key twice will result in your character reloading faster (combat reload) by dropping the magazine directly.

Dropped magazines can be picked up from the ground, and can be refilled using the Ammo Kit, which can be deployed by the Support class.

Magazine Checking[edit | edit source]

You can check how many bullets there are in your current magazine by pressing Left Alt + R.

Aiming[edit | edit source]

Press/hold LMB to aim down your sights. Holding down Left Shift makes you focus on your aim, removing any tremors and zooming into the sights. This requires stamina, however.